• Statement of Intent

    The Geography curriculum is designed to teach students about the world and to prepare them to be global citizens. It is intended to develop their understanding of physical processes and the effect of human beings on the world.  The Programmes of Study are planned to enable students to gain and apply knowledge; to carry out research; to develop their powers of analysis and to acquire map reading skills.

  • Key Stage Three

    Year 7

    Local Geography
    Places in the world
    Extreme Environments

    Year 8

    Climates Change
    Rivers and Dams
    Population and Migration

  • Key Stage Four

    Year 9

    Challenges in the Physical Environment
    Coastal landscapes in the UK
    River landscapes in the UK
    The Living World

    Year 10

    Challenges in the Human Environment
    Urban Issues
    Resource Management
    The Changing Economic World

    Year 11

    Geographical Applications
    Decision Making

    Geography Specification – VIEW HERE

  • Key Stage Five

    Year 12

    Physical Geography
    Natural Hazards
    Water and Carbon Cycles

    Year 13

    Human Geography
    Resource Security
    Changing Places
    Global Governance

    Geographical Investigation 

    Students carry out a fieldwork investigation into a subject of their choice and write a report.

    Geography Specification – VIEW HERE