• Statement of Intent

    The curriculum is designed to develop students’ understanding of fundamental scientific concepts; their ability to recall and apply knowledge; to use information to form theories and to use experiments and investigations to test them.

  • Key Stage Three

    Year 7


    Organisms:  Movement and Cells

    Ecosystems: Interdependence and Plant Reproduction

    Genes: Variation and Human Reproduction


    Matter:  Particle Model and Separating Mixtures

    Reactions:  Acids, Alkalis, Metals and Non-Metals

    Earth:  Structure and The Universe


    Forces: Speed and Gravity

    Electromagnets: Potential difference, Resistance and Current

    Energy: Costs and Energy Transfers

    Waves: Sound and Light


    Year 8


    Organisms: Breathing and Digestion

    Ecosystems: Respiration and Photosynthesis

    Genes: Evolution and Interdependence


    Matter: Elements and The Periodic Table

    Reactions: Types of Reaction and Chemical Energy

    Earth: Climate and Earth Resources


    Forces: Contact Forces and Pressure

    Electromagnets: Magnetism and Electromagnets

    Energy: Work, Heating and Cooling

    Waves: Wave Effects and Wave Properties


    Science Key Stage Three Overview – VIEW HERE

    Science Key Stage Three Syllabus – VIEW HERE

  • Key Stage Four

    Year 9


    Cell Biology
    Structure and function of animal, plant and bacterial cells
    Organ systems of animals and plants
    Infection and Response
    Diseases and the way in which they are combatted


    Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
    Properties of atoms
    Bonding, Structure and the properties of Matter
    Bonding of atoms
    Quantitative Chemistry
    Chemical reactions
    How chemicals are obtained


    How energy moves from one place to another
    How resources are used to generate energy
    Current, charge, potential difference and resistance
    Electricity in everyday life
    Particle Model of Matter
    Properties of materials and how they can be used

  • Key Stage Five

    Year 12

    Year 13


    Mathematics Specification – VIEW HERE