Primary Staff
Mr A Jacob Head of Primary/Strategic Responsibility/ PLTSA NQT Coordinator/Assessment SLT
Ms J Cilia Assistant Head/ Primary Phase Teaching and Learning/ Behaviour/KS2 Phase lead

Mrs S Mahmood


KS1 Phase Lead/STEM coordinator

Middle leaders
Ms M Lewis English and wider curriculum coordinator.
Mr M Karcz Maths and assessment coordinator
Mrs J Lewis EYFS lead

Mrs S D’Silva


Reception 1 Cherry

Teaching Staff
Mrs S Hussain Reception 2 Willow
Ms L Woods Reception 3 Maple
Mr T Perry Year 1 Olive
Ms J Mitchell Year 1 Chestnut
Ms M Lewis Year 1 Sycamore
Ms R Challis Year 2 Beech
Ms A Tavares Year 2 Elm (Attendance and extra curriculum lead)
Mrs S Mahmood Year 2 Cedar
Ms J Cilia Year 3 Tulip
Ms G Copeland Year 3  Jasmine
Mrs S Idowu Year 3 Iris
Mr Karcz Year 4 Poppy
Mrs M Begum Year 5 Orchid
Mrs S Choudhry Year 6 Sunflower
Ms L Dickel Reception 1 Cherry Teaching Assistants
Ms R House Reception 2 Willow
Mrs S Sharma Reception 3 Maple
Ms R Grigaliune Year 1 Olive
Ms D Bibi Year 1 Chestnut
Mrs L Cazac Year 1/2 Cedar
Ms S Daines Year 2 Elm
Mrs A Mihai Year 2 Beech
Mrs I Panova/         Ms C Watts Year 3 Tulip
Year 3 Iris
Year 3 Jasmine
Mrs S Rehman Year 4 Poppy
Year 5 Orchid
Mrs O Odewale Year 6 Sunflower
Ms C Watts Safeguarding officer and TA Support Staff
Mrs O Odewale Safeguarding officer and TA
Mrs K Alam Office Admin/Reception
 Support staff


Mr P Sayers Caretaker
Ms S Ayoub Senior Playleader Playleaders
Mrs D O’Connor Playleader
Mrs V Baxter Playleader
Mrs A Rybak Playleader
Mrs C Culling Playleader
Mrs P Rahat Playleader