The Library at The Sydney Russell School is a showpiece of the Borough.  It is staffed by two full time librarians and open at both breaks and after school.  The librarians supervise a homework club between 3PM and 4PM.  The librarians can advise students and help them to find a book they will enjoy or with their research.  On the ground floor are the Junior and Young Adult fiction sections.  They are well stocked with both classic and modern fiction.  On the mezzanine is the Non-Fiction section.  The librarians are assisted by a team of student volunteers.

The librarians run the Accelerated Reader Programme.  Students do an initial test to identify their reading level; all the books in the library have labels indicating their level of difficulty so students can select appropriate books.  When they finish a book they complete an online quiz and the results can be used to monitor their progress in reading.  Students are awarded certificates on the basis of the number of books they read and the progress they make.