Our aim is to raise the achievement of all students by seeking to develop their numeracy skills by a consistent and accurate application across the curriculum. Through standardising the approach, it will enable students to recognise mathematics in a wider variety of situations and thus allowing them to transfer their numeracy skills in a broader context, not purely the skills of computation. It is important to recognise that all teachers are teachers of numeracy. It is the key to success and the long-term sustainable improvement in attainment.

Sydney Russell School will;

  • Adopt a whole-school approach to Numeracy across the curriculum in order to raise standards of attainment for all students.
  • Recognise the importance of Numeracy in all subjects across the curriculum.
  • Identify similarities and differences in Mathematical teaching in different curriculum areas and develop a common approach
  • Encourage staff to take responsibility for the development of numeracy in each subject area
  • Raise staff and student awareness of key Numeracy strategies through whole school Inset time
    Encourage students to transfer Mathematical skills and apply them in everyday and unknown context


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