Are you eligible for Free School Meals?

At The Sydney Russell School we like to provide families with all the information regarding the financial support that is available to them.  Free school meals money is paid directly into the canteen accounts of the pupils. Students do not carry a card and are not highlighted in any way. In addition, the school receives additional funding based on the number of students with Free School Meals. It is therefore beneficial to all students if families who are eligible apply, even if they choose not to take up the offer.

You can get free meals if your child attends The Sydney Russell School and you get receive one of the following benefits.

Income Support
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
Income Related Employment and Support Allowances (ESA-(IR))
Child Tax Credit – Providing you do not receive Working Tax Credit and have an assessed annual income that is less than £16,190
Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
Or if you are supported by NASS and supported under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. You must provide your NASS reference number.

Please note:
Only one FSM visit to the canteen is possible during the day, and credit may not be carried over. If an item is purchased in morning break, then the full day’s FSM allowance will be used up. It is advised that FSM allowance is used at lunch time to purchase a full meal and a drink. If you wish to purchase something at morning break, then please bring additional funds.




What is a main meal?
A main meal may consist of one of the following:
• Soup of the day & one bread roll
• A meat or poultry or fish dish
• A vegetarian meal
• Jacket potato with 2 fillings
• Vegetables of the day
• 3 salads with a bread roll
• One sandwich or baguette
• Above accompanied with any vegetables of the day

What is a dessert?
A dessert may consist of one of the following:
• One fresh fruit
• Dessert of the day
• Fresh fruit salad
• Yogurt

Water jugs will be available during both lunches.

All other drinks will be charged accordingly