We want to give all our students the chance to take part in culturally enriching activities that will enhance their cultural capital and enable them to feel comfortable in any environment. Here at the Sydney Russell School we believe that our students’ experience should be far more than just academic excellence in lessons leading to examination results.  We believe in excellence beyond the curriculum. To build their cultural capital we provide a range of experiences often difficult for them to access at home or in the local community.  The enrichment curriculum is an important part of life at Sydney Russell School.

The curriculum doesn’t end in the classroom and create opportunities that enable our students to be full and active contributors to society. We are proud of our range of clubs and activities. There are orchestras and choirs, ensembles, concerts, musicals and plays.  There are regular sport fixtures at local and national level against other schools for all age groups in the major team games. Activities offered include the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, a chess club, quiz teams, fundraising for charity, debating club, Magistrate and Bar Mock competitions, the UN, arts clubs and local, national and international visits and trips. Evidence of the plethora of opportunities available to our students is shared on our social media platforms. We continually search for activities to engage as many of our students as possible.


We are an innovative and creative school. We have a House System which cements our community and creates a culture of healthy competition.  Each member of staff student is then allocated to one of five houses Pegasus (blue), Phoenix (yellow), Griffin (green) Centaur (purple) and Dragon (red). Students compete throughout the year in sporting, musical and theatrical events to gain points towards the House Championship.  We invest in developing the cultural capital of our students and have a team of staff directly responsible for this.