Learning and Teaching at Sydney Russell School

The learning and teaching culture at Sydney Russell School pursues dynamic, engaging and purposeful learning experiences for all our pupils and staff. We are committed to ensuring access to the curriculum which enables all pupils to realise their academic potential.  This is reflected in our Yr 7-11 banding structure; Fast Track, Upper Band, Middle Band and AS (Academic Support).  This banding structure enables teaching to support and challenge individual pupils, personalising their learning in order to achieve their targets which reflect good progress from their starting points on transition from primary.

Detailed programmes of study (PoS) underpin our curriculum. Explicit learning objectives, detailed pedagogy of learning phases and strategic use of assessment particular to each lesson ensures progress is carefully planned, reviewed and evaluated.   

Quality assurance of PoS and the quality of learning and teaching incorporates termly phase/department reviews, lesson visits, work scrutiny, analysis of student progress data and student voice.  Triangulating evidence informs phase/departmental priorities, interventions and planning for CPD. 

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